Cecily tried hard to hide her immense smugness behind a pair of enormous sunglasses, to no avail #sadface


Hello everyone. Long time no see. There’s more than one reason I haven’t been blogging (or making) much recently. The first, and most tangible, is that I managed to land myself a really amazing job editing a children’s magazine. I’m really, really enjoying it. It involves surrounding myself on a daily basis with all the things I value most – positivity, inspiration, ideas, history, talented writers and illustrators and books…lots and lots of books. I’m very lucky indeed.

The second reason is that I’ve started to feel a little bit disenchanted with blogging in general, and with lifestyle/crafty blogs specifically. Beautiful lifestyle blogs and sites like Pinterest encourage us all to measure our success as human beings against a bunch of pretty pictures instead of focusing on what’s important. The more time I spend pouring over other people’s photos of that trip they took to Copenhagen, or the £90 espadrilles they bought (or were gifted!), the more hollow and dissatisfied I find myself feeling. I’ve spent my writing career trying not to engage with that school of thought and I have no intention of contributing to a culture that makes people feel bad, and so I have decided that any blogging I do should be 100 per cent honest and real. I’ll still make things – a lot, and post them on here, and I love seeing the stuff you guys produce, but I am no longer competing against anyone to see who can be the most picturesque, because that’s not who I am.

The truth is that my house is a damn mess, my kids are constantly scruffy as hell (and not in a cute way), I no longer own a piece of furniture (vintage or otherwise) that hasn’t been scribbled, dripped, chewed or spewed on and when I wake up in the morning I look like Hatty Jacques crossed with Mark E Smith. That’s the truth. I’d rather it wasn’t but there it is. So this blog is probably going to evolve into something a bit different pretty soon. There will still be craft, though, oh yes, and the usual lolz, so do pop by and check it out. In the meantime have a look at this film which has really made me smile lately.


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  1. loopyfreakwithalist says:

    I call it “The veil of beige”, cus its usually (not always, I don’t wanna offend anyone here!) the sort of people that like their whole house decorated beige and looking like a showhome, that like to post perfect pictures of their beautiful and perfectly clean lives!!! I prefer my life to look like grubby rainbows vomited all over it! Lol!! F**k the veil of Beige!!! xxxx P.s, you could ACTUALLY grow potatoes on my daughters’ knees at the moment. 😉 x

  2. Jen says:

    Freya, Ah, your place sounds like mine! I agree with the loopy freak above. Creative people are too busy to be beige. Thanks for your new posts and all the best! x

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