My Words for 2013: #1

butterfly pic

The other day I was reading the quite excellent Skulls and Ponies blog when I came across this post and it inspired me to come up with my own word for 2013. Actually, I came up with three (see word #1). Unfortunately, they all sound a little bit knobby and power-point-y on their own but perhaps when I explain you’ll get it and then this whole exercise won’t seem as small business lunch-y and weird. Tonight I’ll tell you about my first word of 2013, which is:


I have what could flatteringly be called a ‘butterfly mind’. You may have noticed. It flits very quickly from one thing to the next, staying only long enough to flirt a bit and get a little bit over friendly before abruptly losing interest and flying off to land on the next thought-flower.  I am the sort of person who goes into the kitchen to make beef Wellington and emerges half an hour later with two steaming plates of green Thai curry. I’ll leave a half-made baby blanket lying around somewhere and go start something completely different on a whim. The upside of this is I am never short of ideas – I have a whole meadow of thought-flowers to land upon.  The downside is that I struggle to finish anything. See. I just switched analogies there half way through a paragraph – I can’t help myself. It’s just how I am, in craft and in life. That’s why crochet is the perfect hobby for me. You’re only ever working one stitch at a time and that means you can change your mind with relative ease. I am a creative commitment phobe and in a world full of distractions I am permanently…well, distracted.

The thing is, recently I’ve realised that I don’t have the energy to nurture all my thought-flowers at once.  If I am ever going to be a prizewinning brain gardener (I know, this is getting weird) I need to pick a few of my favourites and let the others do what they will for a bit. This is all well and good, but what do I concentrate on?  I love all the things I do, writing, blogging, sewing, crocheting, workshop teaching, professional wrestling, but I can’t do them all as well as I want to so I need to pick one or two and FOCUS on developing them. See. FOCUS. FO. CUS. If any of you know how to do this then I would genuinely appreciate your advice. How do you know what to drop and what to keep? What should I let go to seed and what should I plant in my best plots?


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