Behold the Emerald City

Return to Oz

Those colourful folks at Pantone have announced the colour of the year, and it’s Emerald Green – 17-5641 to be absolutely precise. This is good news for me, because I LOVE Emerald Green, it’s one of my very favourites.

It first began when I was four and me and the boy from down the road, (whose name I think was Peter – where ARE you Peter?) were taken to see Return to Oz at our local cinema. Do you remember that movie? With the crazy-arsed Wheelers and the headless screeching tyrant Queen Momby? Yes, despite the certification, it was totally and completely unsuitable for a child of my age, especially an impressionable one like me. Perhaps that’s why I adored it so.

There’s a bit in the film when Dorothy’s friends are transformed by the evil queen Bitchface  into ornaments and placed in a great hall full of countless other pretty things (it looks a lot like a really posh antiques shop). Dorothy has to find her friends in object d’art form, and she only has so many goes before they are all, like, turned into stone or whatever.  Spoiler Alert: Her friends have all been turned into objects of a specific colour – guess which! To be honest, it’s a good job I came out of that theatre with nothing but a love of flea markets and a thing for Emerald Green, rather than a penchant for putting roller skates on my hands and feet and slicing the heads off pretty girls to add to my ‘collection’.

God, I love that film.

Emerald Green was the accent colour at my wedding. I had emerald votives on the tables, emerald invitations and my sister and mum both wore it head to toe. I remember finding it extremely hard to match the exact right shade so I must confess to being a little irritated in the knowledge that it’s going to be everywhere this summer – five years too late for my big day. Still, I’ve had fun putting together this little Etsy edit. Enjoy.

Look at this, just look at it.

Look at this, just look at it. This is the coat you wear when walking your pet leopard.

Swing Coat Available from Etsy here

Pretty flowers. Just imagine what magic they might perform.

Pretty flowers. Just imagine what magic they might perform.

Earrings Available from Etsy here

Whimsical Pug Print by Sara Pulver

Whimsical Pug Print by Sara Pulver

Pug Print Available from Etsy here (if I haven’t already bought it)

Giant green love rockets.

Giant green love rockets.

Cushion Available from Etsy here

One colour of pencil - all shades of awesome.

One colour of pencil – all shades of awesome.

Emerald City pencils Available from Etsy here


5 comments on “Behold the Emerald City

  1. Lauren says:

    Love the pencils! Return to Oz was my favourite film ever when I was younger, I never saw it at the cinema, but recorded it off the TV on Christmas, and even knew all the words to the adverts inthe ad breaks, as well as the film! thats how much I watched it! And the evil queen was called Momby :p

  2. I’m a definite emerald green girl. In fact, I’ve just asked for a handbag for my birthday and I’m thinking it’s the colour I need! And that coat is *very* Katherine Hepburn!

  3. Ah mannnn I love Return to Oz!!! My ex was scared of the wheelers when he was little, haha.

    Love that coat, that colour is “sooooo on trend” as they would say with the colour!!

  4. Ruth says:

    His name was Philip and just love that coat.

  5. doggeye says:

    I want that jacket and I want the leopard to match. Excellent blog

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