Welcome to the Universe Alphabetti Crochetti

You know when you’re really into an idea but everyone around you seems to think it’s a bit rubbish, and even if they don’t actually say so out loud, you can see in their eyes that they think you’re on to a losing wicket and that you should really just give up and go back to crocheting hearts and stuff?  I feel that way about my new project (and about most other things, for that matter, but mostly this). For a while now I have been trying to develop a way of writing with granny squares. Mainly so I can combine the two things I love most – crocheting (obvs) and sharing my innermost thoughts in a variety of inappropriate and shouty ways. This project seemed to be something of a natural progression from the heart, skull and Christmas tree squares I’ve designed in the past, allowing me to really personalise the blankets and banners I make for friends. Maybe, just maybe, I might start taking commissions from people who want messages crocheted for people, like – I LOVE YOU IAN FROM WORK, MARRY ME CAROL COLLINGTON or DON’T FORGET TO PUT THE MILK BACK IN THE FRIDGE AFTER YOU’VE USED IT YOU FILTHY ANIMAL – that kind of thing.  Now, my alphabetti crochetti font is far from perfect – and I’m sure some of the letters need a bit more development, but I thought I’d give you a sneak peek to whet your appetite, so here are some pics.

i love gin

This one is autobiographical

Alphabetti Crochetti A

Gimme an ‘A’.

Alphabetti Crochetti R

Gimme an ‘R’

Alphabetti Crochetti S

Gimme an ‘S’

Alphabetti Crochetti G

Gimme a ‘G’

Alphabetti Crochetti H

Gimme an ‘H’

And what does it spell? …. ARSGH. Oh.


3 comments on “Welcome to the Universe Alphabetti Crochetti

  1. loving the ‘I love Gin’ cushion!

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