Johnny Loves June Vintage and Handmade Fair

Phew, Hiya! I’m just catching my breath after a staggeringly busy couple of weeks. Last time I posted I think I mentioned that I’d just agreed to be a stallholder at my very first craft fair. My friends at Johnny Loves June Vintage asked me to get involved and, as anyone who knows me will gladly testify, I simply cannot say no to an adventure. So – of course – I said ‘yes please thank you very much’ without really thinking about the work it would entail, or the family holiday I was supposed to be taking in the week running up to it. I do have a habit of saying ‘yes’ immediately and asking questions later. What can I say? It’s a flaw.

I can’t pretend there wasn’t a moment or two, hours into my sixth or seventh late-night crochet session – when I questioned what the hell, in the name of all that is good and holy, I was doing. Luckily though, I just about managed to get my s*&^ together in time for the day itself. Though not without some help from Gaz, who had to put up with me being in a sleep-deprived foul temper for about three weeks, and my mum – who volunteered, yes volunteered, to back a few brooches so I could get some kip!

I have to say, the bar was set incredibly high – there were some intimidatingly talented people there: Little Mouses, Owl and Slipper, Ginga Baby, Bella Does Brighton, Retro Violet and the amazing Amie Rice to name but a few.  Music was provided by Rockin’ Mark Vis and provisions by Dolly DayDream Pop Up Tea Shop, who had to work extremely hard to keep up with demand from cake-hungry customers. Everyone was so friendly and chatty that my nerves were quickly put to bed, and I got on with the business at hand – selling – which I did a bit of, chatting – which I did a lot of – and eating chocolate – which I did far, far too much of.  Anyway, here are some pics to give you a feel.

The view from my stall – have you ever seen so much bunting in your life?

Right at the beginning of the day, just as people started getting stuck in

I crocheted some whales in Wales (as you do). Tutorial coming soon.

I made some pin cushions on ‘holiday’ too. Cute, no?

I’ll post more pics as and when they come my way – in the meantime, if you’d like to get your mits on one of my pin cushions (and we all know you would, so don’t even bother lying)  you can now visit my BRAND NEW ETSY SHOP. See – told you I’ve been busy.

Peace and Love x


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