Skye Pennant’s Jewellery Frame

There is A LOT going on here at Glitch Towers… too much really, to be honest. I’m busy getting ready for my first ever craft sale, which is due to take place on Saturday 22 September at Huntingdon Hall in Shoreham-by-Sea. My friends, the vintage vendors Johnny Loves June are putting it on, and it promises to be a fantastic affair. I never realised there would be so much to think about though – layout, labels, prices… STOCK, to say nothing of actually convincing Gaz to have the kids so I can be there on the day (he said yes, obviously, he’s not a monster or anything).

There are sparks flying off my hook as we speak, but it is very exciting because I’ve had a whole bunch of brand new ideas recently. For some reason my brain goes into creative overdrive at this time of year, every year. Maybe it has something to do with the onset of autumn – traditionally this is when most knitty folk start digging out their stash.   Selling my stuff (or trying to) should tell me a lot about what people like, and don’t like, so even if I don’t make any actual cash, I’m bound to learn LOADS. Who knows, this could be the start of something very beautiful… woolly, and very beautiful.

Amongst all this panic, I have had an opportunity to make something just for me. When I attended the Brighton Bloggers’ Meet Up a week or so ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Skye Pennant, who runs a fab craft blog called Even Artichokes Have Hearts.  I found this tutorial on her site for making a jewellery frame, using an old picture frame and some string. I have nowhere to put anything, ever, so this seemed like a really simple, cheap and stylish way to display all my bits and bobs. I have a bit of a postcard fetish – as you will see, and I like to have them around me for inspirational purposes. My frame is nothing like as nice as Skye’s, mostly because something strange happens when you put a ruler in my hands – the presence of numbers renders me totally and utterly useless, it’s a disease. Anyway, here’s the thing I made. I absolutely love it.

As you can see, measuring is not my forte

  • Row 1 (left to right): Galaxy postcard from Herstmonceux Science Centre; necklace from Wolf and Moon; another galaxy postcard from Herstmonceux; silver bird pendant from Silverado; silver crocheted snowflake by me; group photo of BFFs at a friend’s wedding (spot me)
  • Row 2: Lion postcard from Paperchase; beautiful green glass pendant passed down from Gaz’s grandmother; photo of me and Gaz at another wedding; a cheeky crochet swatch for something I haven’t shown you yet.
  • Row 3: The heart of a crocheted Leilah hex by me, my aluminium bird brooch (which seems to have capsized somewhat)

    Wolf and Moon Pendant  HOOOOWWWWL

    Wouldya’ look at Gaz’s face in that pic?  We had such a great night that night! Good times.


Go on then, have one more peep at this swatch


3 comments on “Skye Pennant’s Jewellery Frame

  1. Ooh good luck for your first craft fair! I hope it goes swimmingly! I love the frame within a frame picture!

  2. Katy Fox says:

    Love it! I’m so doing that today…

  3. Its so pretty and so functional! Love it and the picture of us all too! x

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