New Project: Leilah the cushion

I’m pretty, I’m so pretty

What do you get if you crochet a whole heap of my Leilah hexagons and put them together (along with a few handy half-hexagons to square it off) ?  This of course! I tell you what, it took an absolute age to weave in all the ends, but I think the finished product will be worth the RSI. The colours might be a little eccentric, but that’s precisely how I like it. It would look completely different in more muted shades… monochrome might be interesting. I’ll be making this up into a proper cushion over the next week or so, so I’ll take photos as I go for your delectation. For now though I just thought I’d show you my progress, and express my particular love for the cerise, pink, orange and sand colour combo. It’s a bit like jam with cheese. You wouldn’t think it would work but it really really does.

Careful with these hexies, they’re Moorish! Do you see what I did there? Oh, nevermind.


3 comments on “New Project: Leilah the cushion

  1. Saira Webster says:

    Very hot! I personally love the cerise and the blues. Look forward to your photo steps when making the cushion! Saira x

  2. Oh I love it! Great colours

  3. Thanks Saira and Fran. I have just realised how dark that first pic looks. I must try and take better photos. I don’t think my camera likes all the colours I throw into my work.

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