Hello everyone, How are you keeping? Me? I’m fine, you know how it is. Can’t complain. As usual it’s been a chequered week here at Glitch Towers. Last week was a total write-off because of various family DRAMAZ, and my head is still all over the place as a result. Usually I spend a good deal of my time daydreaming – I love a good daydream. In fact, I’ve come to think it’s vital to my existence and if I don’t have a chance to do it, it knocks me all out of balance. Happily things are now back to normal-ish, so regular service has just about resumed. It does however, mean I have a backlog of things to daydream about, but I guess that’s family life for you.

Slink Magazine

On Tuesday my printed copy of Slink Magazine arrived in the post. Slink is a rare animal indeed. A magazine aimed at curvy ladies, in which all models featured are a size 12 or above. It was an interesting experience, to pick up a mainstream fashion mag (for that is what this is) and not see the same hungry, hungry eyes staring back at me from those glossy pages. I’m used that little pang of wrong you get when you read one of Those Magazines, so I felt quite pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t there. The models in Slink are all sturdy enough to move a large cabinet up a flight of stairs without needing one of those shiny tinfoil blankets and a saline drip when they reach the top, and d’you know what? I’m probably biased because I’m a bit on the… ahem, curvy side myself, but I think that’s sexy… look!

‘milk, two sugars please love, where do you want the cabinet?’

This is the money issue. It carries lots of pieces about how to manage your moolah, including one by moi, in which I confess that I am utterly hopeless at it all. I hate banks and if I never had to enter one ever again I’d be a very happy woman indeed. Alas, unless somebody important decides we’re all going back to the goat-swapping antics of old, I’m stuffed. So I decided I would just have to grow up and start engaging with my cash even if it does hurt my eyes and my brain a lot. I had some help from a wonderful financial expert called Piper Terrett, so it turned out things weren’t really all that bad. Buy the mag to find out more.

To finish off this Glitch’s Brew I thought I’d feature some retro knitting pattern pics (from my extensive collection), because… well, they’re always worth a giggle.

After 56 minutes, Linda and Keith began to wonder if this game of musical statues was ever going to restart.

One day little sister, everything you see here will be mine. MINE.


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