Glitch’s Brew #1

Welcome to the first ever edition of Glitch’s Brew.

‘What in the devil’s name is a Glitch’s Brew?’ I hear you cry! Sounds nasty, doesn’t it? Well, actually it’s really not.

Glitch’s Brew is a new mini feature here on the blog in which I provide you with an infusion (ok, a list) of exactly what’s been going on in my head over the last week or so, what’s caught my attention in good ways and bad, and introduce you to some of the people I’ve had my eye on. Here goes:


small crochet rainbow

Crochet rainbows:  They’re little, they’re colourful, they’re cute – I just wish I knew what in God’s name to do with them. Combine them with stars and clouds in a garland of some description (I’m not sure about garlands – they’re a bit too much like bunting for my liking (see below)), or just turn them into one of those funny little cowboy ties – you know the ones I mean. Decisions, decisions.

That Hollyoaks ad: the one in the woods. I hate Hollyoaks (I really really do), but there’s something about this song. It’s called Shut Eye and it’s by Stealing Sheep

The Dainty Squid: Check out this gorgeous blog, and that hair is like… dude!!! I just wish I had the patience to do something like that myself.


Red, White and Bleugh: Union Jacks, bunting, Union Jack bunting. I’ve been having intensely negative feelings about both for some time now, so the last couple of weeks have really been quite a struggle. I’m glad it’s over, frankly.


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