Melon Pasties with silver tassel

Every now and again I have an idea for a make that is so sublimely silly it would be a crime not to try and realise it. My magnificent melon pasties fit squarely into this category. So far everyone I’ve shown these to has agreed that; Yes. They are utterly ridiculous, and Yes, the world is a better place with them in it. Melons are a perfect swag bag gift for hen parties if that’s your thing, they are fairly easy to make and promise hours of fun as you all compete to see who can be the most ferocious twirler. Have a look at the pattern below and do please let me know if you decide to have a go at making them.

PS: Less well-endowed ladies amongst us need not fret – there are fried eggs to follow. The pattern for those should be along in a few days.

Single melon pasty

Tutorial: MELONS

You will need 1, 3.50mm crochet hook and dk yarn in four colours: bright pink, light green, dark green and black

1. Ch3, join w/ ss to form ring

2. (Ch1, sc in ring) x5 ch1 join in ch1 with ss to form round

3. Ch2, 2dc in gap at base, 2ch, 3dc in same gap, ch2, ss in bottom of work, ch2, 3dc in next gap, ch2, 3dc in same gap. Turn work.

4. sc round and join with ss. Turn work.

5. Ch2, 1dc in corner, 12 sc around curved edge, 2 dc in second corner, 8 sc across flat edge, join with ss in ch2.

6. Cast on with light green in corner, sc all the way round.

7. Join dark green in corner 1sc, ch1 all the way round, cast off.

Hide ends with bodkin. Embroider seeds using black wool. Attach tassel in the centre.


5 comments on “MELONS

  1. Mary Helen says:

    I was just talking about eggs the other day at lunch as a swimsuit top and bacon strips as the straps. Finally someone as wharped as me.

  2. Heidi says:


  3. Hilarious! I’m definitely the fried egg variety … =D

  4. Rachel says:

    How do you attach these to wear?

  5. Can’t wait to make a pair. Thanks for sharing!

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