A Gift For Darren and Amanda

Another wedding present! This time for my good friends Darren and Amanda who got married (in considerable style) on Saturday. As you may, or may not know, I love making presents. But this time I wanted to do something slightly different, so I found a photo of them both on Darren’s facebook page (yes I did feel a little stalkery) and drew from it. Then I took that drawing and went over the lines with a sharpie pen, so they’d be visible beneath the fabric. I placed the drawing underneath my material and secured everything in place with a large embroidery frame. I illuminated it from behind with a household torch (probably not the best idea) and stitched on top, varying the stitches in order to create a bit of texture, and using different shades to create some depth.  I’m really pleased with the results. My drawings tend to look a bit flat and lifeless. I could never have drawn this very convincingly. but the embroidery seems to have taken on a life of its own.  I hope they like it.

A Gift for Darren and AmandaParticularly pleased with this section, Darren's neck is made up of knot stitches.


One comment on “A Gift For Darren and Amanda

  1. secretmagpie says:

    I LOVE it, its so stylish, they look super cool in embroidery!

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