Hello Again

It is customary to begin posts of this kind with loads of apologies and excuses as to why I have left it so long between blogs. But the sad fact is that I have left it SO long between posts that apologies and excuses probably don’t matter, so instead I will bring you very quickly up to speed with what has happened over the last twelve months or so, so that we can draw a line under the whole thing and move on. Lots of things have changed; mostly for the better.

The girls are now two-and-a-half.  They are no longer babies, which is great because toddlers are so much more fun.

The publishing company I worked for went into liquidation after a long period of total rubbishness. It’s ok though, because I was more than ready to move on, and had really just been ignoring the fact and hoping my feelings would resolve themselves, which they did, when I lost my job.

I have been writing A LOT, for various magazines and websites including Flamingo, Tantrum, Lionheart and Dr Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure – all first class people. I will no doubt elaborate on this in further posts.

I have made loads of stuff since my last post, the most exciting being a knitted cat fascinator; nipple tassels, some knickers, another, very pretty crocheted blanket amongst umpteen other things. I am going to try and post pics over the next week or so, just so you know where we are. It’s funny how, no matter what’s going on in my life, I rarely stop making stuff. Drama just makes me want to make more.


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