a study in scarlet

For the first time in a long time I’m working on some writing and it feels pretty good, even though I’ve only completed about 300wds so far. It’s all about the colour red – glossy, glamorous and flawless. The colour of lipstick, lollipops, ruby slippers and riding hoods. I’m looking for artists, designers and makers who work in red, or anyone who might have particular memories to do with the colour – your first pair of red shoes, a boss who banned red from the office because he considered it unlucky, ladies in red, scarlet women and red letter days. Everything is relevant. The problem is, I keep coming up with ideas and then looking for examples to back them up rather than the other way round. It’s tempting to believe that all things are accessible via google and, actually, the world is far richer, far stranger and far more beautiful in the real. For some reason the people I’m looking for just don’t come up in the first few clicks, maybe they are hiding. I remember when I was little I used to love the colour table at school, when everyone bought an item of a particular hue and they were displayed together as a collection. I lost my lilac My Little Pony on purple day, but still I loved it. I later learned that it wasn’t a real MLP anyway, but a copy from the market. I should have known, truth be told. It didn’t smell right.


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