Day of the Dead pouffe in progress

My latest idea is a bit odd, but I’ve started making now so I have to finish something, even if it takes me forever to make it work. It’s another floor cushion along the same lines as the last but this time the feel is Mexican rather than Moroccan. I’m craving really bright colours at the moment – zesty lime, zingy lemon, turquoise, hot pink and orange. Tropical. I’ve managed to make a granny square with a skull motif, (let me know if you want the pattern) inspired by Mexican Day of the Dead folk art. It looks a bit nu-rave in neons, but otherwise alright. I’m teaming these with traditional granny squares in crazy colours and experimenting with a bird-of-paradise centre piece. So far I’m not desperately happy with the results but like I said, I’m determined to make it work eventually. I will post more as I begin to figure out how to make it look better. I really wish I had more time to make at the moment, if only I could spend every hour of every day tinkering with a crochet hook and some mentally bright yarn.

Other ideas bouncing around my head include: giant knitted weeble figures, a bird of paradise quilt (again with the Mexican theme), a book of baby food recipes including one called ‘bubba ganoush’ (funny I know), moving garden sculptures and an illustrated book of mermaid folklore.


One comment on “Day of the Dead pouffe in progress

  1. Uncle Paul says:

    Keep it going Freya!

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