Pouffe the Magic Dragon: The finished article

Well it’s finally finished and I’m really chuffed with the results, but I feel a bit sad too. It’s a bit like when you come to the end of a good book, half of you is racing to finish but the other wants it to last just a little bit longer. I should really apologize for the name, as this pouffe isn’t actually remotely dragon-like. One day I promise to make one that looks like an actual magic dragon – now there’s a challenge. In the meantime perhaps I should rename this one Marrakushion. Yeah. Does anyone want to know how it’s made?  If the answer is yes register your interest in the comments box below and I’ll get working on instructions. If not, well then it’s just my secret isn’t it.  

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10 comments on “Pouffe the Magic Dragon: The finished article

  1. ablet says:

    AMAZING!!!!!! I love it…are you taking commissions?! The colours look great and the matching fabric is perfect. You are a creator extraordinaire.

    • Hi there, Thanks for the lovely comment! I’d definitely be interested in taking commissions, in fact I quite fancy trying my hand at an open house sometime in the near future – do you take part in that sort of thing? Fx

      • ablet says:

        I have once but found it too much effort for very little financial gain (£5 of which I had to donate some for being there!!).
        I am thinking about doing something for the Eastbourne festival but need to rally a couple of people as there wouldnt be enough with just my stuff….interested?
        Red Tree Creations in town also sell my stuff on a comission basis and I have done fairly well so far. http://www.red-tree-creations.co.uk

      • ablet says:

        Also how much would you charge for a magic pouffe?

    • Hiya, I’m definitely interested in doing an open house and taking commissions. A magic pouffe would probably set you back something in the region of £50-£70 depending on the finished size and the amount of work/ wadding involved.

  2. Casey says:

    it looks fabulous!

  3. Iz says:

    This is so great!!!

  4. This is beautiful. I’d love to see a tutorial for how you made it 🙂

  5. […] I am a total sucker for Moroccan pattern. I’ve explored this theme in my crochet before, with pouffe the magic dragon, but the simple fact is I can’t get enough of the warm colours and intricate, interwoven […]

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