Pouffe the Magic Dragon

I’m now back from hospital and cracking on with this pouffe, in fact crochet is one of the only things I can comfortably do right now, since it involves no stomach muscles whatsoever and mine have recently been stitched back together. I now sport a rather  fetching little handmade belly button. Lovely. Anyway, time is now against me so I think I might be forced to crochet the top  of the pouffe and use fabric for the sides. This may, or may not work.

The inspiration for this pouffe began long ago when I visited a gorgeous little café in East Dulwich called Chandeliers (I think). They had a space in the café that was just like a little slice of Morocco – all geometric blue and green tiles.  I’ve been fascinated by Moroccan design for a long time and this was the closest I’ve ever come to the real thing. I kept putting off that Marrakech trip and then whoops – twins! It was right there, in that café over an earl grey and a plate of kedgeree that I decided I wanted to try to recreate Moroccan mosaic in crochet, since it’s a medium that lends itself to the geometric style. Originally I thought I might try to freeze the crochet hexagons in resin to create a kind of ceramic tile effect, but I’m not even sure that is possible and I don’t fancy experimenting with major chemicals with two tiny babies in the house so perhaps that’s for another day.


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