Summer Lovin’

Ursula loves a good wedding – the anticipation of the bride’s arrival, coo-ing over the dress, getting all teary during the vows, confetti throwing, Pimms on the lawn, dancing to tunes you’d normally run a mile from, performing an impromptu cart-wheel and showing your knickers to the best man, getting so rat-arsed you can’t even see etc. In fact there is only one thing that gets her down about weddings and that’s wedding lists.  They’re always so dreary – even lovely, interesting people put really boring and costly things on them. The designer lemon squeezer is too expensive, the stuff you can afford is just tatt. And who needs a hand-held mincer anyway? Nobody, and I should know. I put one on my wedding list and two years later it’s still in the box. Hasn’t even seen the light of day. No. From now on I am ignoring all wedding lists and giving my wonderful betroth-ed friends something fun and cheap and gorgeous and handmade to celebrate their nuptials. This year I am all about medina chic and I only have one really important wedding to attend so I am going to try to make the happy couple a Moroccan pouffe with a crochet twist. The twist is it’s going to be crocheted.  How did you guess?  There is only one slight drawback. I am going into hospital for an operation the day after tomorrow and the wedding is in just over two weeks time. Hmmmn, better get cracking then. Here’s some pretty picture nuggets to help keep the dream alive. I think this one might stretch me a bit.


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